The Certified Business Exit Consultant™ (CBEC) designation is a comprehensive exit planning program designed to both educate and put you in the business of exit planning for privately-held business owners. This program includes leading-edge content, organized coaching, practice management training, and a mentoring program that will keep you focused on your new line of business. The CBEC™ designation will take exit planning from being merely something that you do to being THE thing that you do. This is intended for advisors who are serious about consistently delivering this specialized service to exiting owners. We have a screening process that helps assure that the right candidates come into this training. We are highly interested in continuing to build the most successful exit planning advisors and consultants in the industry. You should set your expectation to be in the company of this elite group upon your accepted into the program. Kindly note that the pre-requisite to the Certification course is completion of Pinnacle, live 2-day workshop curriculum (live or online training). All applicants for Certification will be 'up to speed' on the same teachings and will move ahead quickly with the advanced learning and practice management modules. Please complete the application below and return a signed copy along with a check for the application processing fee. The review process takes about two (2) weeks after which we will return an answer to you. We look forward to working with you and advancing your business.

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Practice Information
  3. Goals & Practice Management
  4. Exit Planning Training, Marketing, and Executions
  5. Agreement

Please note that we are interested in attracting and retaining the best exit planning candidates in the world. In order to assure this level of quality we need to gather quite a bit of information. Kindly note that all information gathered as part of this application will be held in strict confidence. Failure to be accepted into this program will not be discussed with anyone outside of the Pinnacle office or outside of the Application Committee meetings and conversations. All personal and business information will be kept private.

I. Applicant Information

II. Practice Information

Gross Business Revenues

Current year - projected Last year The year before

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) please indicate your experience level for each category:

Kindly indicate any advanced designations / certifications that you hold for each of the practice areas listed above:

III. Goals & Practice Management

Please describe your existing prospects. Do NOT include owner names or company names, but do include details of your conversations and where you were stuck or feel like you lost the opportunity to engage or to complete the conversation or the exit plan. NOTE: The CBEC™ preliminary work will include identification of at least twelve (12) 'qualified' business owners with whom you are familiar and are currently pursuing for an exit planning engagement. Our mentoring program will have you engaging these owners with conversations and with exit planning services.

Please list the sales training that you have had in your career:

IV. Exit Planning Training & Practice Management

Please indicate how far along you are with your Exit Strategies Training (check all that apply) and your current Practice Management through the Pinnacle Equity Solutions program(s):

V. Agreement

I consent to the personal background checks that accompany the Certified Business Exit Consultant™ designation and wish to be considered for the training and certification program.

(NOTE: The Certification Committee does not review credit ratings with the major agencies as the notion has been dismissed that one's credit rating accurately indicates passion and aptitude for Business Exit Planning and Consulting work. The Committee will, however, screen for criminal records so applicants may want to disclose, with the submission of this application, an explaination of prior offenses).

Below are three (3) professional references and forthcoming is a non-refundable application fee of $ 350.00 which will be credited to the remaining costs for completion of my Certification.

If accepted into the CBEC™ Program, I further agree that I will use my best efforts to follow the instructions that empower me to market and sell the exit planning service. I will document these efforts in my Exit Planning Training Modules and use these tools and the CBEC™ system to advance my practice.

By checking this box I am accepting the Agreement terms stated above.

Professional References

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